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Lightweight Banarasi Silk Saree :

Indian nitinol clothing has a significant impact on a woman’s life. Indian women’s characteristics ethics and tradition. An Indian lady’s dream is to acquire a Banarasi Silk Saree. For a long time & gave her a delicate and feminine feel.

The saree is very beautiful to wear. Women are very comfortable with sarees Because the sarees are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. And here is one good news for all our Customers we have a large collection of Sarees like cotton silk saree, silk saree, and heavy print Banrasi saree.

Banarasi Silk Saree online

Banarasi Sarees :

A Banarsi saree is a saree made in Varanasi, an ancient city which is also called Benares(Banaras). the sarees are among The finest sarees in India and are known for their gold-silver brocade or zari, fine silk, and opulent embroidery. The sarees are made of finely woven silk and are decorated with intricate designs, and because of these engravings, are relatively heavy.


Banarasi Silk Saree For Wedding :

The traditional banarasi saree is done in the cottage industry for about 1.2 million people associated directly or indirectly with the handloom silk industry of the region around vanarsi. Banrasi heavy silk saree for wedding made by handloom saree, and heavy gold zari work border. so beautiful product and accretive saree. banarasi silk saree bridal look so accretive, and beautiful zari work saree.

Banarasi Saree Photos :

Banarasi Silk Saree Online



Bollywood Banarasi Silk Saree Online
Bollywood Silk Saree Online


Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree Online
Bridal Banarasi Silk Saree Online

Banarasi Silk Saree Online


Banarasi Silk Saree Online


Which type of Banarsi saree is best?

The most popular ones are korial Banarsi saree, pashmina saree, Traditional Banarasi, and Tanchol Banarsi saree. There are more verities too. But these 4 are the very unique and best quality.

Cost of kanjivaram saree:

Average kanjivaram saree cost.

A basic kanjivaram saree costs around INR 7,000 and can go up to INR 2 lakhs as well.

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